Lady Bugs
lady bugs
May 18, 2012
by bill
Draper, UT
United States
Nice bugs, were alive and happy

Lady Bugs Are the Best!
June 15, 2012
by roben allong
new york, NY
United States
Lady Bugs well worth $$$. Came alive in mesh bag. They ate all the horrible aphids and other bugs in literally 24-48 hours.Amazing! And now they keep all the bugs away and plants are very healthy and look great!

April 15, 2013
by Happy Customer
Victor, MT
United States
The quantity you make available makes the aphid infestation diminish quickly. I will be ordering regularly from you. Also unlike other sellers I have used, almost every bug was alive when they reached here. Many thanks.

Lady Bugs

Item #: HP-52
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HP-52 Lady Bugs

Safe, natural, and effective means to control plant pests.

Ladybugs and their larvae devour destructive garden pests, including aphids, corn borers, cabbage loopers, spider mites, scale, thrips, whitefly larvae and other sap sucking plant pests.

Simply water the affected area of your garden and release live ladybugs just before dusk; then keep the area watered to encourage your colony to settle in. As long as a ready food supply---especially aphids---exists, ladybugs will stay around and munch them right off your plants. Includes approx. 4500 lady bugs.

Effective Against

  • Aphids
  • White Flies
  • Corn borers
  • Cabbage loppers
  • Spider mites
  • Scale
  • Thrips


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