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Radius Bulb Trowel
Radius Bulb Trowel
Radius tool distributes energy
Radius Tool Diagram
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Radius Bulb Trowel


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HT-34 Radius Bulb Trowel
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HT-36 Radius Cultivator

As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

Instantly feel the difference that quality garden tools make
Once you use these quality tools, you'll feel the difference.

  • Non-slip comfort grip of Radius garden tools makes gardening easier.
  • Blades are made of super lightweight aluminum/magnesium alloy.
  • Maximizes power and comfort; minimizes hand and wrist stress.
  • Energy from large muscles of the upper arm transfers directly to blade edges.
  • The Weeder, Trowel, and Bulb Trowel all have sharp serrated blades that easily slide through compacted earth.
  • Blade hook pulls roots or cuts stems.
  • Curved fulcrum pops out deep, tough weeds.
  • Seed reservoir and planting channel guide small seeds exactly where you need them.
  • Specially designed NRG Green will be easy to see in your garden or shed.
  • Patents pending. Includes Cultivator, Weeder, Trowel, and Bulb Trowel.

    "Especially recommended for anyone with arthritis or compromised hand strength." Mother Earth News

    "For your spring gardening ease, try the NRG ergonomically designed garden tools from Radius Garden." The Herb Companion

    "Garden tools are becoming easier to use… Makes me think I could dig with a trowel all day with no ill effect." Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    "Gardening chores just got easier with four new ergonomically designed garden hand tools from Radius." The American Gardener

    "We love the new natural-radius-grip hand tools from Radius Garden that minimize stress and maximize power." Better Homes & Gardens Perennials Magazine

    "In an unscientific trial, this trowel did prove to have a more comfortable grip and its aluminum-magnesium blade dug into soil as easily as sharper-tipped trowels." Fort Worth Star Telegram

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