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Building a Greenhouse the Right Way

What you need to know BEFORE you start building a greenhouse to assure success! Opening the box on a Solexx Greenhouse Kit

You finally ordered your greenhouse and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. The greenhouse arrives - now what? Where do you start? Building a greenhouse is an exciting event, and with a few simple pointers your assembly will go as smoothly as possible. We've compiled a list of helpful hints from pre-planning your greenhouse location to inventorying your kit when it arrives.

  1. Prepare an area in your yard for your greenhouse.
    Before you even order a greenhouse kit, make sure you know where to locate the greenhouse in your yard, how much space you have available and what you will use for your greenhouse foundation. Learn more about preparing your greenhouse site.

  2. Ask for the exact dimensions of the greenhouse so there are no surprises.
    Some greenhouse dimensions are rounded off, so call ahead and find out the exact dimensions if you have no room for error. Also, some greenhouse have areas that need extra support in the interior, so if you have plans to raise a greenhouse on timbers, make sure to get a drawing of the greenhouse foundation.

  3. Ask for the expected ship date and a tracking number for your greenhouse kit.
    In most cases you should be able to get a tracking number from the greenhouse company so you will know exactly when to expect your greenhouse to arrive. Don’t make any assembly plans until after the greenhouse arrives! Don’t make plans based upon the expected delivery date. Events beyond your control can happen, and if your brother makes a special trip out to help with building the greenhouse, it will be very frustrating for all if the greenhouse is not there. Plus allow time to inventory all the parts in case there are missing or damaged greenhouse parts that need to be shipped to you.

  4. Once the greenhouse arrives locate the greenhouse instructions.
    Read through the greenhouse instructions from beginning to end. This will help you get an idea of the order in which the greenhouse kit is assembled. If you have any questions, call customer support to clarify before you start.

  5. Inventory the greenhouse parts.
    It may seem like a tedious task, but you will be glad you did. If you run across missing parts in the middle of assembling your greenhouse it will cause frustration and delay getting the greenhouse assembled. Once you have inventoried everything, including the greenhouse panels, call and request any missing parts.

  6. Organize the greenhouse parts.
    Set all the greenhouse parts aside until you are ready to assemble the greenhouse in an area where they will not be disturbed or lost.

  7. Elicit some help from your friends.
    Most greenhouses can not be built entirely by one person. If your greenhouse is tall, you will likely need a helping hand when putting up the roof.

  8. If building the greenhouse in a secondary location, make sure you will be able to transport the completed greenhouse to its permanent home.
    Check for obstacles like fences, hedges and trees. Also, make sure the greenhouse has a solid frame that can handle being moved without causing damage to the greenhouse. If in doubt call customer service.

  9. Utilize customer support
    If you run into anything during assembly that is unclear, call customer support for clarification. You have invested a lot of money into your greenhouse so make sure you do it right the first time. Mistakes can be costly.

  10. Make sure you have all the necessary tools to complete the greenhouse.
    Even if you bought a greenhouse that ‘snaps together without tools’, you will still likely need a ladder, tape measure and rubber mallet. A good pair of work gloves will help to keep your hands from getting scratched and callused.

  11. Have Fun.
    Putting a greenhouse together is a fun accomplishment. Even though the above may seem overwhelming, building a greenhouse kit just takes a bit of patience. If you prepare ahead of time and know what to expect, you will find it a snap to build a greenhouse!


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