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Greenhouse Fan Calculator

Are you wondering what size fan you should purchase for your greenhouse? Use the greenhouse fan calculator below to easily determine the cubic feet per minute (CFM) needed to create the ideal growing environment. Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality within your greenhouse. Just input the dimensions of your greenhouse, and our calculator will provide you with the approximate CFM rating required for effective ventilation. Take the guesswork out of your greenhouse fan selection and ensure your plants thrive!

All greenhouses need good ventilation to successfully grow plants and cuttings. How much is enough? Use our JavaScript Greenhouse Ventilation CFM Calculator below to find out what size fan you need in your greenhouse to promote healthy growth. Exhaust fans or ventilation fans are rated on how much air is moved in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).

Use the JavaScript Greenhouse Exhaust Fan CFM Calculator to determine your needs:

JavaScript Greenhouse Exhaust Fan CFM Calculator
Do This
JavaScript Calculator
Measure the height of your greenhouse.
You measured a floor to ceiling height of 8 feet.
Determine the width of your greenhouse.
You measured the width at 8 feet.
Find out the length.
You enjoy a medium sized greenhouse, measuring 16 feet long.
Multiply the height by the width by the length.
Your greenhouse measurements were 8'H, 8'W, and 16'L.
Look for this minimum ventilation fan CFM rating to keep your greenhouse healthy year round.
8'H x 8'W x 16'L = 1024 cfm
This is the optimum ventilation fan CFM rating many growers use.
8'H x 8'W x 16'L x 1.5 = 1536 cfm

Our 12" Exhaust Fan provides 760 CFM. We can also special order larger fans. A 16" fan is rated at 1,250 CFM, and a 20" fan is rated at 3,000 CFM.

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