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Helpful Greenhouse Information

Learn about important greenhouse features, building a greenhouse, greenhouse supplies and more!

Greenhouse Basics

Heating Your Greenhouse
Confused about heaters? Learn about the different options available and find out if one is right for you.

Ventilating Your Greenhouse
Your plants need proper ventilation in order to be healthy! Find out about how different vents and fans should be used in your greenhouse.

Ventilation in the Winter
Winter is a time we usually think we need to seal up our greenhouse to keep any cold from getting inside. Read about the importance of ventilation in the winter and why you need to bring that cool air into your greenhouse.

Keeping Your Greenhouse Cool
Most greenhouse gardeners will tell you that keeping a greenhouse cool can be a real challenge. Follow these suggestions to make sure that your plants are growing at the optimal temperature.

Watering Your Plants
Did you know that improper water causes many of the common disease and pest problems in a greenhouse? Find out how to keep your plants healthy by watering them properly.

Choosing a Greenhouse Grow Light
Not sure if you need a grow light? Learn about the benefits of using a grow light and find out if one might be right for you.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Greenhouse
Keeping your greenhouse sanitary is key to preventing disease! Read about the best way to clean your greenhouse.

Finding your cooperative extension
Each state has a Cooperative Extension Service that is run through a local university. The extension service is an excellent resource for learning about growing in your climate.

Growing in your greenhouse

Growing Year-round Greenhouse Tomatoes
Don't buy any more expensive tomatoes at the supermarket! Learn everything you need to know in order to grow your own fresh, delicious tomatoes year-round in your greenhouse.

Starting Your Own Seedlings
Growing all of your own seedlings is easy! Get all your questions answered here.

5 Steps to Healthy Seedlings
5 steps to get your seedings off to the right start plus tips to keep them thriving.

Enjoying Beautiful Container Gardens
Container gardens are a fun and easy way to add color to your greenhouse and yard. Be sure to follow our 12 tips in order to have the best containers possible!

Propagating Soft Cuttings
Expand your collection of plants by propagating your own cuttings.

Make Money with Your Greenhouse!
Creative ideas to turn your greenhouse hobby into a full-time, money-generating business!

10 steps to help you overwinter your plants
By carefully controlling the amount of light, water, fertilizer and frost a plant is subject to, you can create a safe 'winter' state for your plants and help them survive even the harshest winters to bloom again.

Growing In Your Greenhouse During the Winter
Learn everything you need to know about growing during the winter. Try our suggestions for winter crops.

Growing in an Earthbox
Need to grow a tomato or other garden plants in a small space? The Earthbox might be just the container you need for growing a big crop in a small space.

Coffee Plants In Your Greenhouse
Have fun growing a tropical coffee plant in your Solexx greenhouse.

The perfect kits for beginning hydroponics
Learn the differences in our three starter hydroponics kits.

Growing food to feed your family in your greenhouse
Plan ahead to have fresh greens on the table for the holidays!

Share a greenhouse to save money and time!
Sharing a greenhouse is a great solution for people with busy modern lives. It can also be a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Automatic watering for your greenhouse
Tips to solve your watering worries when you leave on vacation

Greenhouse Herbs

Cooking with Greenhouse-Grown Herbs and Veggies
Try using all of your favorite greenhouse-grown herbs and veggies in these delicious recipes.

Using Herbs in a Greenhouse
Herbs aren't only for eating! Learn about the benefits of growing herbs in your greenhouse in order to inhibit microbial growth and repel insects.

Creating Unique Items from Greenhouse-Grown Products
Get great ideas for things to make out of your own greenhouse-grown herbs. These make perfect gifts!

Herbs are a perfect fit for your summer greenhouse
If you have been wondering what to do with your greenhouse in the summer, why not focus on growing herbs. A few herb recipes are included!

Greenhouse Pests

Protecting Your Plants From Whitefly
Whiteflies can be one of the most difficult to treat greenhouse pests. Learn what you can do before your greenhouse is taken over!

Using Beneficial Insects to Control Pests
One of the challenges to greenhouse gardening can be insect pests. For a natural alternative to pesticides, consider introducing beneficial insects to your greenhouse.

Sustainable Gardening

Vermicomposting in Your Garden
Turn recycled food scraps into rich soil! Here's how...

Save money by collecting seeds from your flowers
Learn how to collect seeds and store them so you can grow your favorite plants year after year!

The In's and Out's of Organic Mulching
Mulch your way to fantastic garden beds.

50 gardening tips every gardener should know.
Browse through 50 wonderful tips to keep your garden organic and natural.

Collect rain to water your plants.
Use a rain barrel to collect rain to water your garden. It's free!

How to attract butterflies to your garden.
Butterflies are fun to watch. Attract more to your garden with these helpful hints.

Greenhouse Articles

The Edible Garden
Turn your yard into an edible garden.

Garden Safety Tips
Take steps to make sure you minimize injuries in the garden.

Selecting the best grow light for your greenhouse
From fluorescents, HIDS, to LED lights, read about the pros and cons of each and which will be best for your growing needs.

Greenhouse ventilation is the key to growing success
Proper ventilation not only cools a greenhouse, it also provides necessary fresh air. Just one hot day may be all it takes to destroy your crop. Find out how to properly ventilate your greenhouse.

Greenhouses and Solar Heating
How to save money by maximizing the solar heat collection in your greenhouse

Winter Greens Beat the Winter Blues
It's easy to grow greens in the winter in your greenhouse to keep fresh food on the table all year.

Grow More Food in Less Space with a Greenhouse
Don't have a garden space? No worries! With a greenhouse you can use vertical space to grow food in containers.

Helpful Information and Tips for Choosing a Greenhouse
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