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Saving Money with a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a great way for passionate gardeners to save money. They protect tender perennials over the winter saving the expense of repurchasing new plants each year. It provides a space to start plants and organic produce from seed at a much lower cost than store bought equivalents.

Aside from the ample savings you get from growing your own plants and food, there are also opportunities to generate income with your greenhouse. For many enthusiastic gardeners, it is easy to get carried away and end up with more plants than you know what to do with! While these excess plants make wonderful gifts, they are also easy to sell. In fact, some ambitious gardeners have been able to pay for their entire greenhouse in a single season by selling their seedlings.

Plants such as tomatoes and peppers are especially popular choices among buyers. Also consider growing pots of flowers that can be sold for Easter or Mother’s Day. Herbs and houseplants are having a resurgence in popularity as well -- especially among Millennials. To test the waters, you could simply dedicate a small portion of your greenhouse towards plants to be sold at an upcoming garage sale.

In the age of the world wide web, there are a number of options to sell plants from home. Social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Craigslist are free and easy ways to reach local customers. Another option is selling at farmers’ markets or other local gatherings. If you decide to branch out and ship plants, you can set up a store on Etsy (transaction and listing fees apply) and reach a broader market.

While purchasing a quality greenhouse is initially a big investment, it is important to remember that it certainly has its pay-offs. In addition to the pleasure it brings to your life, it will also pay for itself over time by helping you to save money and possibly make money too!

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