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Greenhouse Upkeep

Considering all the dust and dirt that greenhouses are subjected to, it is no wonder they get dirty. Cleaning your greenhouse will not only help to prevent and wipe out disease, but also to maintain the appearance of the greenhouse. Beware of using just anything to clean your greenhouse; it is important to use products and tools that will not cause any harm.


Not surprisingly, greenhouse flooring readily collects dirt and debris from your greenhouse. Depending on the type of flooring you use, you should either spray out this debris with a hose or sweep it out prior to doing any disinfecting. Often times removing this accumulation is enough to keep your greenhouse healthy, but if you find yourself fighting off disease, you may want to apply a mild bleach solution in order take care of the problem.

Solexx Covering

Solexx is so durable that it can very easily be cleaned. You can use any rag or brush with a warm solution of a mild cleaner, such as Simple Green. Wiping down the inside and outside of the greenhouse will help to improve light transmission and keep your greenhouse looking great! It is perfectly fine to use a dilute bleach solution on the Solexx material if there has been any kind of disease outbreak.

Polycarbonate Covering

Because polycarbonate can scratch, you should use only a soft cloth to clean it. Also, bleach can be very damaging to polycarbonate so it should never be used. Instead, you can use Mr. Clean, Top Job, Fantastik, Joy, Palmolive or Formula 409 to clean the walls of the greenhouse.

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