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Automatic Watering for Your Garden and Greenhouse

As your garden expands, so does your caretaking commitment. So how do you care for all of your plants when you go on a quick or extended vacation? Most importantly, who is going to water all of your plants for you? If you are not fortunate enough to have a friend or neighbor to offer their generous services, there are some great solutions to make watering your garden and greenhouse easy and automatic while you are away.

The Oasis Watering System is basically a self-contained drip irrigation system. You fill the reservoir of water and program the timer to set the watering intervals and days. The water drips through tubing to water up to 20 plants for 40 days. It runs on a 9 volt battery so you don't have to run electricity or a hose to the unit.

-Easy to use
-No electricity or faucet hook up needed
-Waters a large variety of plants

Waterwise drip irrigation system

The Waterwise is a drip irrigation system that was designed for it's simplicity. It is an all-inclusive kit with step by step instructions to help you set up a customized drip system. You can water up to 10 containers or run the drip line through a flower bed. The system must be connected to a faucet. You can add a programable timer to your faucet to program a watering schedule. You can also add onto the system to water up to 30 plants.

-Expandable, can add muiltiple units to the same water source
-Easy to use


DriWater Gel is a combination of 98% water and 2% food grade ingredients. The enzymes in the soil gradually break down the DriWater gel and convert it back into liquid to water your plant roots. It's easy to use. You just cut the package lengthwise and place it cut side down near the stem of the plant. Dri Gel waters your plant for up to 30 days. You can add additional packages for larger plants. For outdoor plants, you should still have someone come and water and check on your plants when it gets really hot.

-Easy to use
-Conserves water
-No special equipment or attachments needed

Do a test run. Try your automatic watering solution for a week, and make sure your plants are getting the water they need to survive while you are gone.

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