Aeroflo 30 Hydroponic System
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Aeroflo 30 Hydroponic System


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NEW! Aeroflo Hydroponics – amazing growth and yields!

AeroFlo super-oxygenates the nutrient solution to deliver oxygen, water and nutrients in ideal combinations.

  • Creating a root zone environment that surpasses anything found in nature.
  • The results are larger yields and stronger more resistant plants.
  • Aeroflo Hydroponic systems come complete with everything needed to start growing: FloraSeries nutrients, hydroton, 3" net cups, coco cup liners, pump, 17 gallon reservoir, support structure and manifold.
  • Best suited for compact plants like lettuce, pepper and herbs that do not grow taller than 3 feet.
  • Recommended for intermediate growers.
  • Size: 2' x 7'4".

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