CobraHead Garden Weeder
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HT-39 CobraHead $21.95
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HT-40 CobraHead Long Handle Tool

So versatile and easy– you'll never go in the garden without it!

The most beloved garden tool in the industry! Simple, strong and useful for almost every gardening task, the CobraHead® precision weeder and cultivator digs and plows almost any soil with ease.

  • Its curved, self-sharpening steel blade plunges into soil and pops out weeds, with a quick flick.
  • The ergonomically designed, light weight CobraHead gets into tight spaces comfortably and efficiently, using either the right hand or the left hand with little stress on the forearm or wrist.
  • Use it to yank out weeds, roots and all, to draw a furrow in soil, to harvest small vegetables, to dig holes for seedlings, to scrape soil clear of sprouting weeds, all with minimum effort.

    A great tool that you will take into the garden every time you go! If you have only one tool for your garden - this should be it!

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