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Easy Flow Louver Solar Opener

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Easy Flow Louver Solar Opener
Open the Easy-Flow Louver automatically with a solar louver opener
Let our heat-activated Louver opener do the work while you're away.
  • Environmentally friendly, it automatically opens and closes the Easy-Flow Louver as the air in your greenhouse warms or cools.
  • Add this unit to your Easy-Flow Louver included with your Solexx Greenhouse.
  • No batteries or electricity required.
  • Louver not included.
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2 reviews
Great solar control
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 24, 2019
Built our own greenhouse long and narrow between the house and the fence. Tried to cool it passively, but in the summer temps of 110-116 F, not enough. We use a big evap cooler and could get by with just a couple of louver vents without solar control for exhaust. We use the solar control for those transition times twice a year, where power cooling is not necessary, but ventilation is mandatory to avoid high temps that would stunt our plants. The solar opener barrel is high quality with brass fittings and with the four we have been using for about ten years, none of them have leaked or failed. The adjustment knob is hard to turn and I have to pull down on the operating arm at the bottom to adjust it, but I count that as a plus because the adjustment does not creep and change over time. This is a high quality passive control and most necessary for our greenhouses.
Tom Hayes

Easy flow louver solar opener
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 19, 2017
Greenhouse heats up.The solar opener activates.How ever,if its cold outside and your exhaust fan is on.The solar opener will close when cold outside air hits the solar opener.And your fan is still on.
Kevin Longver

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