Fishnure Fertilizer
Fishnure plant fertilizer
Cabbage plant grown using Fishnure
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Fishnure Fertilizer


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HS-228 Fishnure Fertilizer $17.95

100% Organic!
Fishnure will revolutionize your plants and gardens! Fishnure Humus Compost contains fish manure and oat straw and is made in a special process where nutrient-capturing inoculants and minute amounts of clay are added. During the decomposition process, the clay particles are bound with the organic matter and a semi-soft substance is created that is perfect for preservation of microbial life. And it is the microbial life that is critical for plants to gain nutrients. The Benefits of Fishnure are endless! No smelly odors! Watch as your yield is amplified! Experience increased aeration and water holding capabilities. Soil is more fertile and organic matter of soil increased. Say goodbye to plant disease! All of this by implementing Fishnure! Wanted the benefits of aquaponics but lacked the ability to implement? Fishnure offers the same benefits as aquaponics. Easy and economical to use. Net Wt. 1.5 lbs (Makes 4.5 gallons of liquid) It can be applied as a solid or mixed with water and applied as a liquid.

Fishnure Benefits:

  • No fish smell
  • Increased plant yield
  • Increased soil porosity
  • Nutrient retention
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Less need for chemicals
  • Increased water retention

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