Tribest FreshLife Extra Barrel Set
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Tribest FreshLife Extra Barrel Set


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HS-161 Tribest FreshLife Extra Barrel Set $54.95
Optional Items:
HS-163 Tribest Freshlife Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
HS-162B Organic Broccoli Sprout Seeds 4oz
HS-162CB Organic Crunchy Bean Sprout Seeds 12oz
HS-162GA Organic Golden Alfalfa Sprout Seeds 8oz
HS-162GM Organic Garden Mix Sprout Seeds 8oz
HS-162GS Organic Green Snow Pea Sprout Seeds 12oz
HS-162GL Organic Green Lentil Sprout Seeds 12oz
HS-162IF Organic Indian Fenugreek Sprout Seeds 8oz
HS-162R Organic Radish Sprout Seeds 8oz
HS-162MB Organic Mung Bean Sprout Seeds 12oz
HS-162RC Organic Red Clover Sprout Seeds 8oz
HS-162RL Organic Red Lentil Sprout Seeds 12oz
HS-162S Organic Baby Sunflower Sprout Seeds 6oz
HS-162W Organic Wheatgrass Sprout Seed 80oz(5lb)

The FreshLife Extra Barrel Set doubles the sprouting capacity of the FreshLife Automatic Sprouter. The extra barrel set comes with everything you need to double stack your sprouter and increase the amount and variety of sprouts you can grow at a time!

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