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Grow4it All In One Greenhouse Package

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Grow4it All In One Greenhouse Package
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There has never been a smarter, safer, or more sustainable and cost effective solution to feeding your family—and it's fun. Leave food safety worries behind. Instead, take control and enjoy the pleasure of homegrown food the easy way—all year long. No digging, no transplanting and no guesswork. Best of all, you'll be amazed how quickly your investment grows year after year. Payback never tasted so sweet!

Healthy and efficient.
• Enjoy organic, pesticide-free produce loaded with nutritional value and flavor.
• Feed a family of four with extra food to share.
• Grow food faster than traditional methods.
• Simple enough for the entire family to use!
• Harvest food all year.
• Automated for 'no-hassle' gardening.
• Saves money on high-priced produce.

Sustainable design.
• Low-energy heating and lighting, inexpensive to power or take "off the grid".
• Locally grown food reduces fossil fuels.
• Much less water consumption than a typical garden.
• Automated components save resources.
• Renewable, all-natural growing medium.
• Reduced use of natural resources saves money.

First rate Solexx Greenhouse First-rate Solexx™ Greenhouse.
This unrivaled greenhouse produces highly diffuse light, superior insulation and vertical growing space. Because no other greenhouse on the market performs like the Solexx™, Grow4it gets a perfect start for 4-season growing.
Get your plants of to the perfect start with the root spa Complete. Easy. Smart.
Grow4it includes everything you need to turn seeds into abundant nutrient-rich foods. Enjoy an endless harvest with the simple 4-step process: Germinate, Root, Grow, and Harvest! Simply eat and repeat.
Products like the LED grow lights help to make the grow4it incredibly eco-friendly and inexpensive to operate. Efficient and sustainable.
This eco-friendly system delivers heat, water, light and food automatically—meaning you can grow more food using less energy, water, space, time and effort. Root 108 seedlings and mature up to 72 plants—all at the same time.

Four easy growing stages.

start seeds off right in the smart start seed cube
1. Seeding: Germinating the easy way.

Simply drop your seeds into the SmartStart™ Seed Cubes and add water to the tray for precision groundup watering. The seed cubes provide the right amount of air, moisture and protection. Seeds germinate quickly and develop strong roots—getting off to the perfect start.
Develop strong roots for nutrient uptake in the RootSpa
2. Rooting: Develop strong roots for nutirent uptake.
Vigorous roots channel energy and nutrition to the food that ultimately ends up on your table! The RootSpa™ creates robust roots by bathing them in warm, nutrient-rich water. Highly efficient LED lights create healthy, compact vegetative growth. Automatic water, food and lighting mean you save time and plants get what they need to thrive—pampering!
Flexipots provide your plants with the best pot available for an unbound and healthy root system
3. Growing: Ideal conditions create healthy plants.
Simply drop your rooted plants into a FlexiPot™ (a portable, breathable, water-absorbing container) filled with a natural, nutrient-rich medium. Because there is no transplanting, roots remain undisturbed—creating thousands of root tips and minimizing plant shock. Plants absorb nutrients and wick water from automated watering mats as they need it—they practically take care of themselves!
Enjoy an endless and tastey harvest with Grow4it!
4. Harvestng: The portable garden.
Move mature crops outdoors each season to make room for new starts. Portable FlexiPots never need replanting. Simply place them on a patio, in a decorative container, or nestle between landscape plants. Lush organic beds require years to develop. With Grow4it, you have a lush garden the first year. Skip the hard work, so you can enjoy the harvest!

Grow4it includes everything you need—just add seeds!

Grow4it is a great value—from an unrivaled greenhouse to state-of-the-art components.

Efficient greenhouse:
• 8´ x 8´ Solexx™ Garden Master Greenhouse
• (4) Custom-fit Interior Growing Shelves
• Louver (Vent)
Energy-efficient heating/lighting:
• (3) LED Grow Light with adjustable hanging cord.
• (4) Thermal Water Heaters Low-use watering:
• (3) WaterWick™ water-delivery mats.
• Water Tubing and fittings to connect WaterWick Mats
Seeding and supplies:
• SmartStart™ seeding tray and reservoir
• (98) Seed Cubes
Rooting and supplies:
• (3) RootSpas™ (each with 36 plant ports, and auto-misters)
• (108) 2" Rooting Pots and Rooting Tops
• (36) Root Collars
• 1 lb. Rooting Nutrients
Growing and supplies:
• (72) FlexiPots™
• (72) Coir Fiber Bricks
• (1/2 Bale) Coir Chips
• (25 lb) Organic Grow Nutrient
• (10 lb) Organic Bloom Nutrient

Optional Accessories are available to customize your Grow4it system.
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