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Hall's Popular 6'x6' Greenhouse Kit

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Hall's Popular 6'x6' Greenhouse Kit
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4' Aluminum Greenhouse Bench 1 Tier

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4' Aluminum Greenhouse Bench 2 Tier

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Louver Greenhouse Window

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Louver Greenhouse Window Opener

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Extra Roof VENT-Popular

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Great for narrow yards!
Whatever the weather outside, a Hall's greenhouse can significantly extend the growing season and add a splash of color during the dull months of the year. Whether you are growing plants from seeds, propagating bedding or houseplants, or overwintering sensitive varieties you are guaranteed hours of pleasure!
  • Size: 6'4"W x 6'4"L x 6'5"H
  • Galvanized steel base included for a sturdy foundation
  • Space saving compact design
  • Sliding door and roof vents for fresh air flow
  • Choose from Mill or Green finish

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We have also included in each greenhouse kit the galvanized steel base for a sturdy foundation. The large 6'4"W x 6'4"L x 6'5"H space provides great growing space, while the slim design allows for placement in even the most compact backyards!

For narrower spaces and smaller gardens the Popular is ideal! A single sliding door makes for easy access.

Hall's Greenhouses Include:
  • Maintenance-free aluminum frame
  • Smooth action sliding doors
  • Integral gutters
  • Matching steel base for secure assembly
  • 1 roof vent
  • 4mm twin-wall Polycarbonate
  • 10 year warranty!
  • FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 states


    Dimensions: 6'4"W x 6'4"'L x 6'5"H
    Sidewall Height: 4'1"T
    Door Dimensions: 23.5"W x 64"T
    Warranty: 15 year warranty against factory defects. Polycarbonate: 10 year limited warranty, 5 years against hail damage.
    Delivery Method: Motor Freight
    Shelves Included: No
    Vents Included: 1 Roof Vent
    Hanging Rods: No
    Base Required: Includes galvanized steel base


    Frame Material: Aluminum
    Greenhouse Covering: 4mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
    Season Rating: 4 Season - Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
    Insulating R Value: 1.43R
    Wind Resistance: Excellent
    Light Quality: Good, partially diffused light


    Easy of Assembly: Moderate. Allow a day to assemble.
    Upkeep and Maintenance: Low. Rinse with soap and water
    Replacement Panel Availability: Have to disassemble
    Ability to Add Exhaust Fan: Yes
    How do I prepare my greenhouse site?
    2-3 inches of crushed gravel is recommended before laying the steel base. The base comes with anchors which are set in 'pockets' of concrete to secure against winds.

    How long do the greenhouses take to assemble? Do you need more than one person?
    The different models vary in assembly length. The smaller Popular models can be assembled in 4-6 hours; the larger Magnums will take a couple of days. Only a few steps in the larger Magnums and Optimums require 2 persons; much of the assembly can be done alone.

    What tools are needed to assemble the greenhouse?
    The frames are easily assembled with a 10mm socket and ratchet, a 10mm wrench, pliers, a cordless screwdriver, and a stepladder.

    How do the greenhouses hold up in the wind and snow?
    The Popular and Magnum models are all TUV approved (a German testing certification) for wind and snow loads of up to 50kg/square meter (approx. 10lb/sq. foot). It is recommended that snow is not allowed to build up, but should be brushed off the panels before it gets too thick. If possible, protect from severe winds with a windbreak of some sort. This both provides protection from wind damage as well as saving heat, as cold winds will sap the heat from any greenhouse.

    How do the greenhouses ship?
    All greenhouse kits are shipped via truck freight, with the exception of the Popular 66 and 86, which are small enough to ship via UPS ground. Number of boxes and weights vary greatly with each model.

    What is the greenhouse warranty?
    All greenhouses carry a 15 year warranty against factory defects. Polycarbonate panels carry a 10 year limited warranty, 5 years against hail damage.

    How do I clean the greenhouse panels?
    With a soft rag or sponge, using a mild detergent and lots of water.

    Is the greenhouse portable? Can it be disassembled if I move?
    Most models can be moved assembled, or dismantled and reassembled.

    Can an exhaust fan be installed?
    Exhaust fans are not included with Halls greenhouses. It is possible to install them, but instructions are not provided for doing so, as there are many types of fans available, and many different models of greenhouses.
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