Avenger Liquid Kelp Fertilizer
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Avenger Liquid Kelp Fertilizer


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HS-29 Avenger Liquid Kelp Fertilizer $28.00

Extremely effective and safe — Ecklonia Kelp Organic Liquid Fertilizer is proven to give you plants the boost they need for vigorous growth! This organic fertilizer increases vegetation growth, flowering, root growth and tolerances (shade, drought, pH). Our Ecklonia Kelp fertilizer encourages strong, healthy growing attractive gardens, lawns, flowers, shrubs/hedges and trees. It adds nutrition to the soil via micronutrients and it won't burn your plants.

  • Adds nutrition to the soil via micronutrients
  • Won't burn plants
  • Increases vegetational growth
  • Increases root growth
  • Increases tolerance, ie. shade, drought, pH
  • Produces healthy growing, attractive turf, foliage and flowers
  • Improves soil based fertilizer utilization
  • Reduces need for chemicals
  • Boast the use of organic products

1 quart Ready-to-Spray Fertilizer, treats up to 10,000 sq ft!

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