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HT-77-1 Redworms $33.95

Natures fertilizer, best for the environment and your plants!

Red worms are natural recyclers, making them the perfect worms to add to your compost piles and worm bins! Red worms feed on kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings, manure, junk mail and more. As the worms eat, they excrete nutrient-rich worm castings. Mix the castings into your flower beds or dilute the worm castings with water to make a liquid fertilizer to feed your plants. Keep the worms indoors or out--as long as they are fed and kept moist they will continue to produce castings and multiply.

  • Add to your compost pile, to speed up the composting process
  • Recycle food and yard scraps
  • Turn pet poo into rich fertilizer
  • Worms multiply--use extra worms for fishing
This is a fantastic addition to any of our worm farms!

Worms can not be delivered outside lower 48 states.
Worms ship on Mondays only.
Each container of worms contains 1 lb; approx 1000 wigglers.

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