Refill Plugs-100ct
May 31, 2015
by Jerry
Fort Morgan, CO
United States
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Refill Plugs-100ct

Item #: HS-217
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HS-217 Refill Plugs-100ct $29.95

Organic plant starter cubes for cuttings and seeds for soil or hydroponics, made from organic material and are fully biodegradable. They will give you faster, more vigorous rooting. Perfect air/water capacity, and transfer easily into soil or any other medium.

  • Standard size will fit most 50 or 55 count seed trays.
  • Manufactured from composted organic materials, these cubes have a great spongy texture which retains an ideal air to water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth.
  • Suitable for both propagating cuttings and starting seeds.
  • Cubes have been shown to consistently outperform alternative medias.
  • Cubes are specially inoculated with both micro-nutrients, which help to nourish the young seedlings, and beneficial rooting fungi, which naturally aids the root development process in young plants.
  • Package Dimensions: 11.5L x 8.4W x 5.5H

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