Seedling Heat Mat
Seedling Heat Mat
Seedling Heat Mat Thermostat
Windowsill seedling heat mat
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Tried and True
February 13, 2011
by Michelle
Beaverton, OR
United States
These are wonderful heat mats. My seeds sprout several days faster than stated on the seed packet by using the heat mat. I also have used it on my lap to warm up occationally :)

Just right
March 7, 2015
by eldon riley
garnett, KS
United States
Just right

Seedling Heat Mat

Item #: HS-20
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HS-20 Seedling Heat Mat $29.95

Optional Items:
HS-23 Heat Mat Thermostat

Germinate seeds faster!
Gentle, even warmth encourages faster germination, more successful starts and less transplant shock.

  • Designed to fit under common seed flats.
  • It warms the rooting area 10 - 20 degrees above the ambient room temperature.
  • The lighting and watering instructions printed on the waterproof heat mat provide a handy reference.
  • Available in four sizes: 3"x20" windowsill size, up to 48"x20" to fit 4 seedling flats.

    Add an optional Heat Mat Thermostat for precise temperature regulation of sensitive plants.

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