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8' x 12' Snap and Grow Greenhouse Kit

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8' x 12' Snap and Grow Greenhouse Kit
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Automatic Solar Powered Greenhouse Vent Opener (For Nature, Snap N Grow)

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Greenhouse Shade Kit (Nature, SnapnGrow)

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Cable Greenhouse Anchor Kit - Highly Recommended (SnapnGrow)

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Heavy Duty Shelf Kit (Palram - Canopia)

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Palram-Canopia Greenhouse Shelf Kit

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The Snap & Grow greenhouse has been engineered from the ground up to get you growing quickly. It features the innovative SmartLock™ connector system that allows you to assemble the heavy-duty, aluminum frame quickly and easily without a lot of hardware. Large, double-doors and an adjustable roof vent provide flexible ventilation. The 8'6" height provides plenty of head room.

  • Dimensions: 8'W x 12'L x 8'6"T
  • Crystal clear SnapGlas™ polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • Includes a galvanized steel base kit for affixing your greenhouse to a wood or concrete foundation.
  • Unique, split-style door provides easy access and ventilation
  • Nearly 64 sq.ft of usable interior space and 8'6" of headroom in the center of the greenhouse
  • Safe, no glass to break
  • Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING (in the continguous 48 states)
  • Add an optional Automatic Solar Vent Opener that adjusts to a wide range of temperatures for added convenience.
  • Add a shade cloth with 30% shade that is quick and easy to install. Kit includes one 6.5' x 7.5' green piece of 30% shade cloth and 10 clips that double as plant hangers. Shade cloth installs on the inside of the greenhouse.

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Silver frame with Single Wall Polycarbonate.


Dimensions: 8'W x 12'L x 8'6"H
Sidewall Height: 5'3"
Door Dimensions: 3'9"W x 6'6"T
Warranty: 5 years
Delivery Method: UPS
Shelves Included: No
Vents Included: 2 Roof Vents
Hanging Rods: No
Base Required: Includes galvanized steel base


Frame Material: Aluminum
Greenhouse Covering: Single layer Polycarbonate
Season Rating: 2 Season - Spring, Fall
Insulating R Value: Low to no insulation
Wind Resistance: Recommended for areas with low to moderate winds
Light Quality: No light diffusion


Easy of Assembly: Moderate. Allow a weekend and 2 people to assemble.
Upkeep and Maintenance: Low. Rinse with soap and water
Replacement Panel Availability: Yes, have to disassemble
Ability to Add Exhaust Fan: No. Circulation fans can be added for additional ventilation.
Made in: Israel
How do I prepare my greenhouse site?
Most people purchase 4 x 4 lumber and bury it so the top is at ground level. They fasten the greenhouse to the wood framework by purchasing their own screws. Some people build a wooden deck and screw the greenhouse down to that.

How do I anchor the kit?
It can be anchored to a foundation, depending on the greenhouse, some have compatible holes at the bottom of the greenhouse base, and some have their own integrated anchoring. Yes, the greenhouse can be anchored to concrete slab. It can be anchored directly to the ground using ground stakes (ground stakes are not supplied with the greenhouse kits). *Firmly connect the product to a level surface immediately after completion of the assembly. Anchoring this product to the ground is essential to its stability and rigidity. It is required to complete this stage in order for your warranty to be valid.

How long do the greenhouses take to assemble? Do you need more than one person?
The 6x8 and 8x8 sizes could take 5-7 hours. The longer Snap and Grow Greenhouses will take longer. It is best to have two people and to follow the directions very closely.

What tools are needed to assemble the greenhouse?
A small ladder, Phillips screw driver and rubber mallet are needed. Some use silicone spray as a lubricant to help slide in the end fittings.

How do the greenhouses hold up in the wind and snow?
The Snap & Grow was tested at 50 mph when anchored well. It is key to anchor the greenhouse well to the ground. In high wind areas it is best to run a strap or cable over the top with separate ground screw anchors.

How do the greenhouses ship (type of carrier)? How does the greenhouse come packaged?
The greenhouses ship either UPS or FEDEX. They are packaged in heavy duty cardboard boxes and may come in more than one box, depending on the size of greenhouse ordered.

Can the greenhouse be extended (made longer) at a later time?
No, that is not an option

How do I clean the greenhouse panels?
You can clean the panels by spraying water over them and/or gently wiping them with a very soft cloth.

Is the greenhouse portable? Can it be disassembled if I move?
The greenhouse can be disassembled and moved. They are rather lightweight so you may be able to simply pick them up to move them.

Can I put a door on both ends?
No, that is not an option

Will it hold up to hail?
Yes, this is high impact polycarbonate
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2 reviews
Complicated, but doable for two people
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 19, 2021
Most important: This is 8x12 INSIDE, so if you are planning to build your foundation before you receive the kit, make it at least 8.5x12.5. About 95% of the assemble can be done by one person, but there are a couple points in assembling the frame where you'll need someone else to hold parts together while you install joints and fasteners. The picture instructions are good, although I found a couple errors. The worst one was two cross members that were swapped front to back, that required some disassembly when later parts didn't fit. Overall, I'm quite happy with it. I recommend getting the automatic vent operator(s). Two days ago it was 25C inside when it was only 8C outside. I ordered the operators and will be retrofitting this week.

Love My Greenhouse
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 2, 2012
Easy to assemable, love the shade, added a fan for the heat here. Vent opener helps alot
Theresa Bounds

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