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Don't use anything else!
January 10, 2013
by Katie
Colville, WA
United States
We had two greenhouses. One was a hoop house covered with greenhouse film. The other is 12 x 24 covered with the Solexx Panels. The hoop house was recently destroyed by snow and wind, the Solexx Greenhouse is still up and growing many of our winter greens. Having had both kinds of greenhouses, don't waste your money on the thin ( 4 mil) filmed plastic greenhouses. They always end up ripping. Pay the price and get something that will last for years. This sheeting is great in the summer with a shade cloth, and fantastic in the winter. I am not happy that I am going to have to build another greenhouse to replace the one I just lost. I will be using nothing but the hard Solexx Panels this time around.

Easy enough for a Grandma!
August 16, 2017
by Kate McLaney
Seal Rock, OR
United States
I LOVE this stuff! Now that I know about it. First time I ordered, I didnt know it expanded so much (lengthwise) when I installed it but now that I know, I compensated for that and love working with it. I am, indeed, a grandma and can work with this product alone, cut it with a box cutter, lift it way over my head effortlessly. I put together a 40 x 12 greenhouse whose ambient temperature easily stays a good 10 degrees above outside temp overnight and the plants seem to love it.

49.5" x 12'1" 3.5mm (1 to 4 Solexx Greenhouse Panels)

Item #: GSP-160-12
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PRICE: $79.95

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Product Options: QTY:
GSP-160-12 49.5" x 12'1" 3.5mm (1 to 4 Solexx Greenhouse Panels) $79.95

Optional Items:
GS-500 1" Wood Screws (100 ct)
GS-530 Clear Silicone Caulking, 10.1 fl oz
GS-541 Lock Back Utility Knife
GS-515 1" Metal Self-Tapping Screws (100 ct)

Special fixed shipping rate of $70.99 for 1 to 4 panels.
Addt'l shipping charges outside contiguous 48 states

Custom Build Your Own Greenhouse with Solexx Panels!
Strong and shatter-proof, double-walled Solexx™ polyethylene panels protect your seedlings and plants from strong winds, hail, driving rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions season after season. Unique Solexx paneling does not yellow, scratch or tear. Plus, mold and mildew will not grow on the plastic's smooth surface so, years later, your greenhouse will look like it did when you first built it. This quality product features a 10-year UV warranty, so it is guaranteed to last.

The corrugated plastic panels diffuse sunlight, allowing your plants to get the optimal amount of light they need to thrive. Plus, with insulated Solexx greenhouse covering, you can extend your growing season from early spring until late fall.

  • Diffuses the light, so there are no shadows or hot spots
  • Double wall(twin wall) insulates to hold in heat, 2.1 R-Value
  • Extremely strong in wind and snow to protect your precious plants
  • Won't scratch or turn yellow with age
  • Flexible material bends around tight curves
  • Super easy to install
  • 10-year limited UV warranty

Watch out for imitations, always check the warranty period. Use only UV certified panels!

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