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5mm - 49.5" Wide (64' to 70' long) Solexx Greenhouse Rolls

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GSR-240-48 5mm - 49.5" Wide (64' to 70' long) Solexx Greenhouse Rolls $540.16

Optional Items:
GS-500 1" Wood Screws (100 ct)
GS-530 Clear Silicone Caulking, 10.1 fl oz
GS-541 Lock Back Utility Knife
GS-515 1" Metal Self-Tapping Screws (100 ct)

Just roll Solexx greenhouse covering over your frame, cut and attach!

Strong and shatter-proof, double-walled Solexx™ polyethelyne covering protects your seedlings and plants from strong winds, hail, snow and other harsh weather conditions season after season. Mold and mildew will not grow on the plastic's smooth surface so, years later, your greenhouse will look like it did when you first built it. The insulated greenhouse covering, let's you garden all year in most climates.

Solexx Rolls are 49.5" wide and come as long as 120' (shipped UPS). Cut the continuous twin-wall covering to the precise length you need for fewer seams and to eliminate waste. The flutes run the length of the material for superior strength.

Choose 3.5mm thickness for maximum light transmission or 5mm if you live in an area with heavy snow fall or high altitude.

Watch out for imitations, always check the warranty period. Use only UV certified panels!

  • Diffuses the light, so there are no shadows or hot spots
  • Insulated to hold in heat
  • Extremely strong in wind and snow to protect your precious plants
  • Won't scratch or turn yellow with age
  • Flexible material bends around tight curves
  • Super easy to install
  • 10-year limited UV warranty

Special fixed shipping rate of $84.18 for up to 80 feet
Addt'l shipping charges outside contiguous 48 states

Note: If you are interested in ordering a custom length, we are happy to accommodate you. Please call 1-800-825-1925 or send an email to info@greenhousecatalog.com with your desired length and your mailing address, and we will provide you with a quote by the next business day.

Available in two thicknesses:
3.5mm, $6.61 per linear ft.
5mm, $8.44 per linear ft.
(Use 3.5mm for almost all applications. Choose 5mm for high altitude or heavy snow areas.)

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