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8' Side Shelf Kit for Solexx

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Solexx Side Wire Bench Shelf Kit
Support heavy plants in your Solexx™ Greenhouse

Designed exclusively to fit Solexx™ greenhouse bench frames.
  • These sturdy metal wire shelf racks sit on top of the Solexx bench frames and allow good drainage and continuous air circulation around your plants.
  • The white finish resists rust and reflects light back to your plants.
  • The assembled shelf measures 29" x 94".
  • Includes mounting ties for simple assembly and installation.
  • Each set comes in two 4' sections.

    NOTE: These are top racks only - there is no frame support included.
Number of Shelves needed for each size Solexx Greenhouse

GreenhouseNumber of Shelves
8 x 8 Garden Oasis or Garden Master(4) HN-19
8 x 12 Garden Oasis or Garden Master(4) HN-19, (2) HN-18
8 x 16 Garden Oasis and Garden Master(8) HN-19
8 x 24 Garden Oasis or Garden Master(12) HN-19

8 x 8 Harvester(3) HN-19
8 x 12 Harvester(4.5) HN-19
8 x 16 Harvester(6) HN-19
8 x 24 Harvester(9) HN-19

16 x 8 Conservatory(6) HN-19
16 x 16 Conservatory(12) HN-19
16 x 20 Conservatory(13) HN-19
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