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Spin Bin Composter

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Spin Bin Composter
The newest tumbling composter on the market and it's molded right here in the USA. The tumbling action of the bin keeps the contents inside mixed well, creating compost in almost half the time as a stationary compost bin.
    Spin Bin Specifications:
  • Made of 100% recycled UV-protected polypropylene plastic.
  • Holds up to 60 gallons (9.3 cu ft.)
  • 1" thick sturdy, powder coated legs that lock in place.
  • Ribbed interior design gives your compost bin added strength and superior mixing action.
  • 20 ventilation/drainage slots that help speed up the composting process.
  • 4 compost thermometer ports.
  • Dual locking lids.
  • Compost instructions embossed on the inside of each lid for quick reference for what items can and cannot be composted.
  • Easy assembly only needs a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Wide mouth for easy access to contents inside.
  • It's dark color absorbs heat for speeding up the composting process.
  • Available in black.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 26" W x 32.5" D x 45" H
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
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