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Tangle-Trap Aerosol

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Tangle-Trap Aerosol
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Protects plants and gardens from insect damage with out pesticides. Use Tangle-Trap to re-coat traps or create custome traps. Helps rid plants, gardens and greenhouses of aphids, whiteflies, leafminer flies, fungus gnats and other flying insects like apple maggots.
  • Make sticky traps with this insect trapping adhesive.
  • Spreads easily on trap surface
  • Ready to use 10 oz. size and easy to apply
  • Effective, pesticide-free protection
  • Use to detect and monitor in sects.
  • Odorless and clear.
  • Traps and holds small flying insects.
  • Remains tacky through repeated wetting and drying cycles
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