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Tie Down Kit - 15" long

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Tie Down Kit - 4 Anchors 15"
Secure your greenhouse
Keep your greenhouse safe in strong wind with this easy-to-install kit. Bury the 15" tie-down anchors next to your greenhouse and attach the J-hook to the steel greenhouse frame. Turnbuckles connect the frame to the anchor. Disconnects easily if you want to move your greenhouse. Use four anchors for every 8' section. Kit includes 4 or 6 anchors and hardware.

Disclaimer: While these ties down augers are effective in most situations, proper conditions are required to prevent failure. Improperly tightened or loose anchors, high winds, loose or sandy soil, waterlogged or flooded soil, or extremely rocky soil can contribute to anchors pulling out of the ground. You will need to determine the best means to anchor the kit for your unique situation. If you have concerns about your conditions, a concrete perimeter, concrete slab, or corner holes are good alternatives to anchoring into soil.
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That Blows me away but not my greenhouse!! :)
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 18, 2011
After riding a level one tornado with my Solexx greenhouse, I am a believer in not only the performance of the greenhouse but the durablity of it also. Shingles came off my homes roof, a shed roof was ripped off, the car port frame was bent and branches along with trees were down but not my Solexx Greenhouse!! It looked like I just got done assembling it!! No damage to the paneling and not one anchor was pulled nor loose and that was with 14.5" anchors, just think what the 30" ones can do!!! Thanx Solexx!!

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