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Ultra WaterFarm Complete

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Ultra WaterFarm Complete
Perfect for beginning HYDROPONICS!
NOW WITH HYDROTON! This extremely popular and reliable system has proven itself over the last 25 years! Grow one large plant or up to five small ones in each growing chamber. You will be amazed at how fast you can grow lush plants with higher yield results than growing in soil. The system has the same features of large hydroponic systems at a lower cost—without sacrificing quality or performance. WARNING: Hydroponic growing is addictive!
  • Increases oxygen to the roots for vigorous growth and healthier plants.
  • With its large 4 gallon water reservoir and low water requirements, the WaterFarm is simple and efficient. You won't believe the results!
  • A general hydroponic (GH) controller (13 gal reservoir and 8 gallon controller) lets you manage up to eight WaterFarm units with minimal added effort.
  • The correct level of nutrient is distributed to each unit with the dual-diaphragm air pump.
  • 8 WaterFarm units
  • Flora series nutrients
  • 50 liter hydrton
  • GH controller and pump.

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