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Worm Factory

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Worm Factory
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Worm Factory Accessory Kit

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Worms Eat My Garbage

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Join the composting revolution with this compact worm farm.

Worms digest up to two pounds of kitchen scraps per day in this fast, efficient, mess-free, and odorless system. Worms move up the levels, leaving rich castings behind for you to use in your garden. A spigot fitted on the bottom tray makes collecting the liquid fertilizer a snap. Each factory includes detailed information on worm care, start-up bedding kit, and assembly instructions. Just add redworms (not included, not available in Hawaii)


  • Year Round Production
  • Odor Free Operation
  • Expandable
  • Easy to Assemble and Manage
  • Ventilation Lid with Tips
  • Can house 8 to 12 thousand worms that consume 5-8 lbs of food per week
  • 5 year warranty on parts and workmanship
  • The Worm Factory ® is made in the U.S.A.
  • Includes a 16 page instructional booklet with pictures.
  • Built-in worm tea collector tray and spigot for easy draining

  • Specifications:

  • Measures 16" x 16" x 21" for a 3 tray system, 3.5" higher for each tray added
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Weighs 15lb with 3 trays (picture above shows 4 trays)
  • Operational in temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees
  • Colors: Black, Green or Red / Terra Cotta
  • Optional: thermometer, scraper, and rake available.

  • Read more about vermicomposting for rich worm castings.

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