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Zero Tolerance Fungicide

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Zero Tolerance Fungicide
Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance eliminates garden fungus! Use it without worry -- contains pure food-grade ingredients. Smells great, too!
    Product Features
  • Made from the highest quality oils of cinnamon, clove, thyme and wintergreen.
  • Bio-degradable and environmentally safe.
  • Kills existing plant diseases fast and prevents new fungal problems from starting.
  • Works in outdoor gardens, greenhouses and indoor hydroponic systems.
  • Eliminate powdery mildew, gray and white mold, black spot and most other fungal plant problems.
  • Ideal for use on fruits and vegetables.
  • Can be applied up to 5 days before harvest.
  • 1 gallon ready-to-use
Directions for Use: Apply with a spray bottle. For best results, apply in the early evening. Spray leaves and infected areas including plant crevices. Use at first sign of infection, then every 3-7 days. Reapply after rain or watering foliage or flowers.
Q: Dilution: How? Ideas on ratio? When? Full strength vs. diluted at various levels for different problems?
A: Zero Tolerance (ZT) should be used at the strongest strength that does not significantly damage leaves. This way there is a sure kill with no remaining pests. First test ZT on a branch or two. If there is no damage use full strength. If there is any damage add one-half pint water to two pints ZT and test. Most likely there will be no damage in the new test. If there is dilute with another half pint of water.

Q: Diluted for all stages of growth?
A: Don't dilute if you don't have to.

Q: How close to harvest can ZT be used?
A: ZT can be applied five days before harvest. The oils will all evaporate over a four to five day period.

Q: Coverage- how much should be applied?
A: Spray all leaves and branches and places where pests might hide. The leaves have to be sprayed completely but not to where they are dripping wet.

Q: How long can ZT be stored?
A: ZT will last many months as long as it is stored in a cool, dark space with cap tightly sealed. Always shake well before use.

Q: Can the plant be dipped rather than sprayed?
A: Yes.

Q: For hydroponic systems, can it be used in a reservoir?
A: Rather than using it in a reservoir directly, shut the system off and water the medium with a solution of 1 part ZT and 2-3 parts water.

Q: How do I use ZT for mites?
A: Spray on Days 1, 4, and 7. Spray on day 1, wait 3 days and spray again Dday 4), 3 days later spray again (Day 7). The mite infection will be eliminated.

Q: Root aphids and root rot: how to apply?
A: Apply to roots after testing try one part ZT to two or three parts water. Beneficial nematodes are more effective than ZT and they need to be used only once to solve the problem. That's because they are living organisms and reproduce.

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