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Busy lifestyle? Share a Greenhouse with your Neighbor!

If you're really serious about gardening and want to get the best possible results from everything you do, getting a greenhouse can be a big commitment. You may feel that caring for your greenhouse properly means you need to be there all the time, and this can be difficult if your work or social commitments take you away from home a lot. But by sharing a greenhouse with a neighbor, you can make sure there's always somebody on hand to take care of things.

Sharing a greenhouse is a great solution for people with busy modern lives. It can also be a great way to get to know your neighbors. After all, the strongest friendships usually develop on the basis of shared interests. A shared greenhouse is most practical if the other person using it lives really close by, and of course you'll have to feel comfortable with that person being on your property, or they'll have to feel comfortable with them being on yours, but these are minor issues in establishing what can be a very satisfying approach to gardening.

Sharing your greenhouse with another person means that you'll have the benefit of one another's knowledge. You can choose whether to grow plants together or grow separate plants in one half of the greenhouse each, but don't forget that properly caring for greenhouses requires coordination - you'll have to communicate closely to make sure plants are not over-watered, hygiene standards are adhered to and you're not trying to keep incompatible species. It can be a good idea to keep a log book in the greenhouse so that you can each note what you've done there and when.

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