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8 Reasons Everyone Should Buy A Greenhouse

by Michelle Torres

There are many great reasons to own a greenhouse. When you have a greenhouse, your gardening hobby grows into a full-time passion! A greenhouse is great for everyone who loves plants whether you have hours and hours to devote to gardening or just a few minutes a week. Here are just some of the wonderful things you can do with your own greenhouse.

    Harvest fresh produce all year
  1. Winter over your plants!"
    In just about any area in the country, no matter what your growing zone, there is a plant that sometimes lasts through mild winters, but unfortunately does not make it through a cold snap. With a greenhouse, you can easily save your favorite plants and reuse them the following year. Often it takes very little heat to overwinter these tender perennials. Just add a small electric heater to add heat anytime the temperature dips below freezing. TIP: To save money on heating, be sure to choose a greenhouse with good insulating qualities, like Solexx.
  2. Have fresh vegetables all year!
    Instead of harvesting your last tomato in the fall, you can extend your harvest through the year. Depending on how hot you heat your greenhouse you can grow anything from easy, cool greenhouse crops to warm-weather tomatoes. You will save money over the grocery store produce prices and know that your food is free of harmful pesticides.
  3. Grow exotic plants!
    With a greenhouse, you can grow tropical plants that normally are not found in your area. It’s fun to expand the types of plants you can grow.
  4. You can enjoy your gardening hobby more months of the year!
    If you love to garden, it doesn’t have to stop once the cold weather blows in. With a greenhouse you can be an active gardener all year!
  5. Grow in a greenhouse and enjoy your gardening hobby all year
  6. Save money on plants!
    It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on plants every spring and even after spending all that money, you still may wish you had more flowers to fill in your garden. With a greenhouse, you can grow just about as many seeds as you want. Often you have more than enough extra greenhouse plants to give away to friends and family. It feels good to be able to share something you made yourself with the people you love!
  7. Start a greenhouse business!
    Do a little market research and see what is in demand in your area. Create a business plan and start growing! You can sell your products to local grocery stores, farmers markets and roadside stands. Try herbs for tea, wheatgrass for health stores, or hothouse tomatoes - find the perfect product to kick off your greenhouse business.
  8. Greenhouses are good for your health!
    Being outdoors with nature is a great way to get away from all the stresses of the world. In fact, the diffused light in Solexx greenhouses helps to alleviate SAD (seasonal affective disorder). A greenhouse is just the right thing to lift your spirits and warm your heart!
  9. Make friends with other people who love gardening.
    A greenhouse makes a great conversation piece. Share greenhouse growing space with friends. Throw a greenhouse seed starting party. Share your harvest and flowers with others. Your greenhouse is a wonderful way to connect with people around you.

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