Find just the right greenhouse for you! Our backyard greenhouses are a great value. Choose from inexpensive cold frames for a temporary greenhouse structure, affordable starter greenhouses, or high quality hobby greenhouses. Each of our greenhouse kits require no permanent foundation, so you can quickly set up your greenhouse in your backyard. All of the greenhouses and cold frames come as a kit that can be put together without the need to hire a contractor, so you will save money and have a fun do-it-yourself project.

If you need help, look through our Helpful Resources: or contact us at 1-800-825-1925.

Not sure what you are looking for? Browse through all of our greenhouses. You can narrow your search based on specific criteria.
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All Greenhouses

A variety of greenhouses made with upgraded components and the ability to add accessories.

BEST USE: 2-4 Season growing, seed starting, extending warm weather crops, tropicals.
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Hobby Greenhouses

Low cost greenhouses to help you get your feet wet in greenhouse gardening.

BEST USE: Starting seedlings in Spring, extending warm weather crops.
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Starter Greenhouses

If you know which brand you are interested in, searching by brand is a good way to compare the available size and style options.

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Small portable greenhouse structures that provide temporary protection.

BEST USE: Starting seedlings in Spring, extending warm weather crops.
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Mini Greenhouses and Cold Frames

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