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Solexx Greenhouses

If you are looking for the best heavy-duty greenhouse kit, a Solexx greenhouse offers a durable solution for year-round gardening enthusiasts. Made from heavy-duty materials, Solexx greenhouses are designed to stand up against weather extremes and deliver long-lasting results. What's more, not only are you guaranteed rugged construction designed to last; the optimal growing environment of the Solexx greenhouse ensures better plant growth and healthier harvests than other greenhouse options on the market. Investing in a quality Solexx greenhouse is an investment in your growing success no matter what your local climate has in store.

Solexx Greenhouse logoThe same material preferred by commercial greenhouse growers is used on Solexx hobby greenhouse kits!

Promote healthier plant growth and save energy with Solexx™ Greenhouses.
  • Better insulation than all other greenhouse coverings including poly film AND polycarbonate
  • Ideal diffuse light properties for accelerated plant growth
  • Enormous growing area with two-tier, heavy-duty bench shelves and hanging rods on both sides of the greenhouses
  • Built tough to hold up in severe weather and last for years
  • 10 Year Warranty

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