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Solexx Greenhouse Rolls

If you're looking for a greenhouse covering that is strong, shatterproof and easy to install, Solexx™ rolls are the ideal choice. These double-walled polyethelyne panels come in 49.5" widths and can be ordered as long as 150' to minimize seams. Solexx is flexible and can wrap around peaks or corners for a tight seal. You can even customize the length of the panel so you don't have any wasted material. With Solexx, you know your seedlings and plants will be protected from strong wind and other inclement weather season after season.

Just roll it over your greenhouse frame and attach!
Solexx™ greenhouse covering is preferred by commercial nurseries for its durability, diffused light properties, and energy savings. The strong, twin-wall sheeting creates a soft, diffused light plants love -- and it's easy to install!

    Solexx Greenhouse Covering
  • Custom cut Solexx Rolls to fit your structure perfectly
  • Fold over peaks and corners for fewer seams
  • 10 Year Limited UV Warranty
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