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Diffused Light - The Best Light for Growing

Why is diffused light the best for your plants?

You have probably noticed that Solexx™ greenhouse paneling does not look like other greenhouse coverings. That’s because Solexx’s translucent design creates highly diffused light in your greenhouse--the best possible light for your plants.

The Difference Between Diffuse Light and Direct Light:

Diffused light and direct light are very different. Diffused light scatters in many different angles so the light energy reaches all areas of the greenhouse. With Solexx greenhouse covering, even plants on the bottom bench shelves are bathed in warm diffused light. Direct light is intense light concentrated in a small area. High light intensity creates excessive heat, hot spots and many shadows.

How does light diffusion affect plant growth?

Plants create food from light so the type of light they receive is important. Plants exposed to direct light (no diffusion) produce a majority of their food from the top leaves facing the sun. The select leaves absorbing the sun energy do most of the work while the shaded leaves do very little. Direct light also creates excessive heat which causes plant stress. When a plant is immersed in diffused light, all the leaves can photosynthesize resulting in more food production and healthier, fuller plant development. In addition, the upper leaves of the plant receive less intense light which means they will not suffer from plant stress caused by sun burn and excessive transpiration.

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Solexx greenhouse covering creates diffused light in your greenhouse for healthier, more resilient plants
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