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Greenhouse Covering Insulation Comparison

Compare the insulation quality of Solexx to other greenhouse coverings on the market...

Greenhouse Covering R-Value U-Value
5mm Solexx Panels 2.30 0.43
3.5mm Solexx Panels 2.10 0.48
8mm Triple Wall Polycarbonate 2.00 0.50
Double Pane Storm Windows 2.00 0.50
10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.89 0.53
8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.60 0.63
6mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.54 0.65
4mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.43 0.70
Single Pane Glass, 3mm 0.95 1.05
Poly Film, 6mm 0.83 1.20

R-Value: measure of 'insulating ability' of the material. The higher the R-Value number the greater the insulation.
U-Value: measure of 'heat loss' through the material. The lower the U-Value the less heat is escaping.
*Independent testing, Solexx with caulked flutes.

Living in a cold climate can be challenging for gardeners who want to grow plants in a greenhouse. In such cases, selecting the right type of greenhouse plastic is crucial for maintaining optimal growing conditions. Solexx greenhouse covering stands out as an excellent option due to its superior insulation properties, which help trap heat and protect plants from the cold and snow. With Solexx, gardeners can ensure their plants stay healthy even in the harshest of winter conditions, making it the best choice for those living in colder regions.

The benefits of insulated greenhouse covering:

Save money heating and cooling your greenhouse. Solexx retains the heat better than other coverings. When compared to Solexx, poly film consumes 156% more fuel for each hour the heater is running! The higher the R-value the more money saved when heating your greenhouse.

Better protection from shifting outside temperatures. Whether you heat the greenhouse or not, insulation helps guard against plant stress experienced when temperatures suddenly rise or fall. Insulation helps to maintain a stable and consistent temperature, which is essential for healthy plant growth.

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