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Solexx school greenhouses

Welcome Educators! Owner Bev Perry, being a biology teacher herself, has always been extremely supportive in helping schools acquire the greenhouse and equipment they need to have a successful gardening program. We believe that every school gardening program can benefit from a greenhouse.

Your run-of-the-mill garden generally gets planted in late April, after the last frost date. Harvest does not happen until well into summer. Students get to plant the seeds, but don't get to see the garden through the harvest. A greenhouse lets you lengthen the gardening process...starting much sooner so students can participate in the complete process of gardening.

Special discounted pricing for schools! 10% off retail prices on Solexx Greenhouses and Accessories!

For discounted school pricing on Solexx Greenhouse kits and accessories, and gardening supplies please talk with our School Program Director atinfo@greenhousecatalog.com and we will be happy to help you set up an account and provide you with exceptional personalized service. We know teachers are busy, so we are here to help you transition through all phases of your greenhouse classroom, from concept to completion. Read more below to learn about the benefits of a Solexx Greenhouse for your school.

The advantage of Solexx greenhouses for your school greenhouse

Grow and harvest DURING the school year
School kids in a Solexx Conservatory greenhouseSolexx is an insulated 4-season greenhouse for use year round. This allows schools to plant in the fall and harvest cool weather crops in the winter. Start seeds again in the winter, and harvest before the end of the school year!

Save your greenhouse budget for seed starting supplies
Solexx greenhouses are more than adequate for most schools. The greenhouses come with two-tiered built in bench frames to maximize the growing space. You can grow over twice the amount of plants that you can with other greenhouse designs. Spend less money; grow more in less space, and save your money to buy the necessary greenhouse growing supplies.

A greenhouse investment that will last for years
Solexx greenhouses are built with composite frame material – the same material used to make bridges. That in combination with the twin-wall Solexx greenhouse covering provide the protection you need so your greenhouse and your plants are safe in high wind, heavy snow, hail, and driving rain. The greenhouses are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Low maintenance on the outside
Solexx is easy to keep looking attractive. Just wipe the panels off with soap and water. Solexx is impervious to chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about buying special cleaners.

Better plant growth on the inside
The light inside a Solexx greenhouse is highly diffuse. The light is scattered throughout the greenhouse to help maximize photosynthesis so plants grow faster and healthier.

Hayesville school greenhouse No contractor needed to assemble
Solexx greenhouses are easy to assemble. Detailed step-by-step directions with illustrations guide you through the installation process. We are also available to help with any questions from 8am-5pm pacific time.

No foundation needed
Solexx Greenhouses are so strong and solid that no foundation is needed. All you need to do is find a level area to place the greenhouse, and secure it with tie-down anchors to keep it in place.

Manageable Size
A smaller greenhouse is much easier for busy teachers to manage. Solexx greenhouses offer an advantage for schools due to their compact and efficient space. In the 8' x 8' space that our smallest greenhouse takes up, the growing space is maximized with double-tiered bench frames and hanging rods on each side. Because Solexx Greenhouses diffuse the light, all the greenhouse space gets light for growing. There are no shadows or areas of hot spots in the greenhouse. This allows you to utilize vertical space in the greenhouse. With Solexx you get 2-3 times more growing space than you do with other greenhouses. Since the greenhouse is smaller, it costs less to heat and cool!

Personalized Service
When you buy a Solexx Greenhouse, you will be partnering with experienced gardeners and working directly with our school program expert. It is our mission to provide you with personalized and exceptional service from start to finish.

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