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Hints for Solexx greenhouse glazing application

Solexx greenhouse covering is very strong yet flexible making it easy to work with. Because it is semi-transparent and diffuses light, it makes an ideal covering for greenhouses, end walls, light panels in barns... the possibilities are endless. The following contains a few tips on how to handle this revolutionary greenhouse paneling:

1. Frame Spacing: We recommend that the framing or trusses that will support your corrugated greenhouse panels be placed 16"- 24" apart on center in order to provide maximum support.

2. Flute Direction: Solexx paneling can be attached with the flutes running in either direction on your structure. We've found placing your greenhouse panels so that the flutes run perpendicular to your frame provides the maximum amount of strength for your structure. When attaching the screws to plastic framing or wood, we recommend using our 1" screws with neoprene washers, which helps prevent water from leaking into the flutes of the greenhouse panels. Our ¾" self-drilling screws are for installing the greenhouse panels into a metal greenhouse frame. We suggest placing the screws about 18" apart on the stringers and about 9" apart on the perimeter or any overlapped joint. Be careful not to over-torque the screws, or you may crush the greenhouse panel. The washers should just make a dimple in the greenhouse plastic.

3. Cutting the Greenhouse Panels: The panel is easily cut using a sharp thin utility knife or saw. It is helpful to attach the panel to your structure first, then use a sharp thin utility knife to follow the frame as a cutting guide. It works well to cut the panel with two passes of the knife. The 1st pass is with light pressure to score the panel and set the path the knife will follow for the 2nd pass. The 2nd pass would be done with more pressure to cut through the panel, while making sure the knife is following the score line of the 1st pass.

4. u-trim for sealing off Solexx PanelsUsing U-Trim: On all 4’1” ends of paneling where there are exposed flutes, you need to insert a ¼” bead of IS800 “clear” Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant (caulking) into the flutes, to prevent water intrusion and to bring the paneling to it’s maximum insulation factor by trapping air in the middle of the panel. Next, slide a U-trim over the end of the panel for a permanent cap. Secure U-trim with small phillips screws by poking a small starter hole in one side of the U-trim with an ice pick or small nail and screwing through one side of the U-trim and into the Solexx™ paneling. Place each screw approximately one foot apart. Put caulking in all the holes you created to stop water penetration.

5.H-Channel joins Solexx Panels together Attaching the H-Channel: Panels can be joined together using H-Channel, which seams the two panels together and helps to prevent water leakage. Attach one panel to your frame while leaving about ¼” gap in between that panel and the next one you are attaching. This leaves enough space for you to slide the H-channel into place. Keep the screws approx. 1” from each side of the H-Channel. Do not screw into the H-channel. **Do not use H-channel on a roof, unless it is one continuous H-channel running from side-to-side. No H-channel clips on a roof. If H-channel is difficult to slide on, try spraying the groves of the H-channel and the edges of the panels with a little WD-40, Pam or try rubbing a dry bar of soap on the edges of the panels and tap on the end of the H-channel with a rubber mallet.

6. Solexx greenhouse panels can be folded over roof peaksFolding the Greenhouse Panels: It's not necessary to cut Solexx corrugated plastic greenhouse paneling when installing over roof peaks or around corners. You can score the greenhouse covering by using a straight edge and a small blunt object such as a Philips screw driver or handle of a butter knife (be careful not to cut the plastic), and then fold the panel along the scored line. Solexx can be scored either in the direction of the flutes or across the flutes.

7. Changes in Size: Apply the paneling when the temperature is at the mean (Yearly average) temperature for your area to allow for expansion and contraction.

8. Cleaning Solexx Greenhouse Covering: Wipe down the greenhouse panels with soap and water once a year for maximum light transmission efficiency and to keep your greenhouse looking great!

9. Other Applications: Although corrugated plastic greenhouse panels do not have "building code certification" they have been successfully used for deck coverings, carports, swimming pool covers, porch enclosures, and wood storage. Some have had good results, although we have found that it is not always the most suitable product for these applications.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the panels to square your structure. Solexx™ panels and rolls may not be perfectly square.

If you have any additional questions about Solexx Greenhouse covering, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-825-1925 or send us an e-mail.

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