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Grow Your Entire Garden in an Earthbox

Growing tomato plants in the Eathbox
Maybe you're like me and you love fresh veggies, picked straight from the garden. Perhaps the idea of walking out into your yard (or even closer, your patio) and being able to choose fresh tomatoes and lettuce for your dinner appeals to you. However, if you are like me, you were blessed with a "brown thumb" and growing has not always been the easiest task.

If this sounds familiar, then the EarthBox is perfect for you - it is so foolproof it even works for first time gardeners and “challenged” growers. But it is so effective, long time "green thumbs" stare in amazement at the bountiful crops they produce with little to no work!

Whether you don't have the time to devote to weeding, digging, fertilizing and daily watering, or you simply don't have the yard for a traditional garden, the EarthBox is the answer to your gardening worries.

With EarthBox, it's easy to be perfect
A gardening system so advanced, it lets your plants "decide for themselves" how much water and fertilizer they need.

Developed and proven by farming experts
The EarthBox provides "Unlimited Nutritional Stability" to create the perfect growing environment. Simply stated, as moisture is used by your plants, it's automatically replaced by the water reservoir. As nutrients are used for growing, they are constantly replaced by the fertilizer strip. No other gardening system has this patented technology. The revolutionary EarthBox design guarantees successful crops.

Healthier Crops
With the EarthBox, you don't use pesticides or herbicides. That means healthier, tastier homegrown vegetables for you and your family. Plus, crops grow bigger and faster than they ever could in the ground.

Strawberries growing in the Earthbox Grow anything, anywhere
With the EarthBox, you can grow tomatoes or turnips. On the deck or on the patio. Without the work or worry of a traditional garden.

No green thumb required
The EarthBox is so easy, it grows itself. Even first- time gardeners can start saving money right away by growing their own fresher, tastier vegetables. Your vegetables will be healthier, too, because the EarthBox doesn't use herbicides or pesticides.

Bragging Rights
With the EarthBox, your neighbors will be green with envy at your "green thumb". Imagine growing 25, 40, even 50 pounds of vegetables in just one EarthBox. Now that's something to brag about!

Earthbox pays for itself
With all the money you'll save on vegetables and herbs, the EarthBox will pay for itself in no time!


6 steps to a perfect garden

The Secret to Growing Tomatoes.

  • Fill the EarthBox with potting mix.
  • Add two cups of dry fertilizer (included).
  • Cover the soil with the Mulch Kit (included).
  • Set your plants (use 5-7" tall, 2" pot size) or plant your seeds.
  • Add water every few days.
  • Pick true vine-ripened tomatoes!


The low-down on the EarthBox:

  • 2.5 feet long by 15 inches wide
  • Holds 2-cubic feet of potting mix
  • 3-gallon water reservoir
  • Weighs about 60 lbs when full, included casters make for easy moving
  • UV protected, recycled heavy duty plastic container
  • You can grow anything!


How to plant your EarthBox:

One of the best parts of the EarthBox is that all the research has already been done for you! When your EarthBox arrives you get detailed directions for what to plant and how you should plant it in order to maximize your results. No trial and error on your part - just success! Gardening couldn't be any easier!

Planting Diagram for the Earthbox garden container></p>
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Set-up of the EarthBox Garden Kit:

Earthbox container garden diagram of features

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